Applications of Augmented Reality

Applications of Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is the process that enhances and amplifies the real world visuals, with the help of computer generated imagery to add description and definition to the real world places or objects.

The rapidly growing technology has taken all over the world and is applied in almost each and every field of life. This article gives an overview of some of the fields where AR is most widely used.

Application of Augmented Reality

Medical – AR helps in assessing patient’s data by the doctors for diagnosis. AR can provide the doctors or surgeons with the detailed information regarding patient’s blood pressure, heartbeat rate, etc. just by looking at them. AR can persistently provide crucial information to the doctors while carrying out critical operations. Free medical android apps are also available that can help non-medical users to analyze their bodies for suspected diseases.

Navigation – AR can make navigation more efficacious. While the driver is driving the car, the shortest route details to the destination can be displayed in real time. The technology can be used when riding a bike or even while walking. As the user can access the computer generated real time information along with viewing the real world, their navigation experience would be way better and safer than the conventional dashboard navigational devices. In automobile industries, some car manufacturers are already integrating AR navigation feature in their car’s windscreen providing the best driving directions to the driver.


The use of head mounted gears with HUD AR display has recently being increased by the fighter jet pilots. This technology keeps them updated with various airplane data and enables them to stay more focus on the battlefield.


AR in commercial airlines provides the pilots with information as for landscape, maps, instructions, climate and technical info about the plane itself.


Various artifacts are tagged with detailed description as to when and where it was found, how long ago and other historical details.There are many other fields where AR is already applied and is going to be integrated soon, such as education & training, business & commerce, architecture and entertainment. There are a lot of AR, VR, AI and hologram companies in Dubai. With recent advancements in the technological sector, almost all reputed organizations are manufacturing products and services, designing and featuring augmented reality in Dubai.