How to Take Care of Your Dental Implants

How to Take Care of Your Dental Implants

Proper oral care is essential for the healing process. Tooth brushing and flossing around the surgical area should be avoided the day after the surgery. After the surgery, you can begin gently rinsing your mouth with a warm saltwater solution. You can also use a Q-tip to clean around the implant and abutment. However, it would be best if you never rinsed your mouth too frequently or vigorously. Moreover, visit the Abu Dhabi dentist to get valuable advice. 

Visit a dentist regularly to get a clean, healthy smile:

It is important to visit a dentist regularly to get a clean, healthy smile. Seeing a dentist at least twice a year will help you maintain your new teeth. A professional hygienist will check the health of your implants every year. Your hygienist will also measure the gums around your implants and compare them to previous ones. Your dental hygienist will want to check for looseness and bite and will also want to take x-rays to ensure that everything is still in place.

Brushing your teeth with sensitive toothpaste is essential:

Your implants are sensitive, so brushing them with sensitive toothpaste and toothbrush is essential. Using abrasive products can damage your teeth. Try to avoid eating too much hard candy and popcorn. You can also cut apples in half before eating them. It would be best if you avoided smoking and chewing tobacco, as they can affect the healing process. Tobacco and nicotine use can also cause gum disease and periodontitis, leading to tooth loss.

Use a gentle oral irrigator:

To clean the teeth around your dental implants, use a gentle oral irrigator recommended by your dentist. You can also use a water flosser instead of traditional dental floss. Using an interdental brush will also protect the implant from functional forces. If you are prone to teeth grinding, wear a protective night guard. By wearing one, you can avoid the need for floss. The best way to clean your dental implants is to follow the recommendations and guidelines provided by your dentist.

Avoid foods that can stain your teeth:

Your lifestyle and diet can also affect your dental implants. You must avoid abrasive materials. It is also important to avoid foods that can stain your teeth. For instance, abrasive objects should be avoided. It would be best if you flossed your teeth after eating. It is also best to refrain from grinding your teeth. A water flosser can be a better choice. A dental implant is not easy to remove.