The 4 Principles of Floral Designing

The 4 Principles of Floral Designing

We’ve all seen them. Contrast, unity, scale balance, and dominance – are some of the main principles of floral arrangements in Dubai. But, how do we apply them? In this article, we’ll explore each of them and their applications. But before we do that, let’s first discuss the principle of texture. The texture is the perception of surface material. It can be smooth, rough, waxy, or any combination of these.


When designing a floral arrangement, one of the most important principles to consider is the concept of dominance. Dominance is the area in an arrangement that draws the viewer’s eye and drives the overall design composition. The dominant element in a design can be any design element, such as color, size, or shape. However, when using a single dominant flower or plant, the whole arrangement can work as a cohesive whole, as long as the rest of the arrangement supports this focal point.

Scale balance:

There are many principles of scale balance in floral design. Asymmetry and balance are inextricably linked. The right balance is the one that makes an arrangement feel stable and harmonious and is achieved by the right distribution of weight and visual balance between the components. When arranging a floral design, remember that asymmetrical balance is less formal than symmetrical balance, so it is best to use these principles only when the space is large.


Using contrasting elements in your floral arrangements is an effective way to add visual movement. Contrasting colors and shapes add interest and dynamism to your arrangements. The primary contrast in floral design is color. Contrasting elements can be small or large, hard or soft, curvy or straight. The proportion of each element in your arrangement should also be carefully considered. This principle is particularly important when using various materials and different styles of flowers.


The principles of harmony and unity are essential in floral design, especially when combining many different types of flowers. Adding accessories and props will help you achieve this. They may also indicate the theme of your floral arrangement. Here are some tips for creating a harmonious floral arrangement. To begin, choose a color scheme for your flowers. A bright color will draw the viewer’s eyes. Choose a color scheme that ties together the colors of the flowers.