How to find a good fertility clinic

How to find a good fertility clinic

Every year thousands of couples deal with fertility doctors due to certain reasons such as trouble in conceiving, internal ovaries issues, complications during pregnancy, and many other factors. Getting treatment from a reliable or trustable fertility doctor can change your entire life because they can fulfill your requirements. Therefore, finding a good infertility clinic in Dubai is crucial for fertility treatment.

However, in this article, we bring some useful tips for you that surely will help you find the best fertility clinic.


Location matters, especially when you plan to visit a fertility clinic. Mostly, the doctor recommends choosing a fertility clinic near your town as it has multiple benefits. Here are the benefits of choosing a clinic near you:

  • Less stress: Travelling always creates stress, especially when you are seeking fertility treatment. Therefore, consider a fertility clinic that closer to your home or town; it should take ten to fifteen minutes to reach there.
  • Cost-effective: If you choose a fertility clinic or doctor which has long distance, it may increase your expenses as you have to bear petrol expenses, airplane tickets or even hotel bills. So choosing a nearer location can save you a lot of money.

Treatments they offer:

All fertility doctors do not offer the same services or treatments. There are different specializations for fertility doctors, while some doctors do not consider women are above 35. However, before choosing a fertility clinic, ask some questions:

  • Do they have age requirements?
  • What type of treatments do they offer?
  • Do they have an egg donor team, or you have to find yourself?

Get referrals:

It is one of the reliable ways to find a good fertility doctor. Ask your friends, family members, colleagues, or even neighbors to recommend you a fertility doctor they have experienced. They can tell you about the entire process they have gone through, which will decide for the treatment.

Check out reviews:

Nowadays, many fertility doctors are providing their services online. You can visit their websites or social account to read about the reviews of their patients. If they are getting positive reviews, you may consider them.


Infertility treatment is too expensive; most people cannot bear the expenses of treatment. So consider a doctor that accepts your health insurance.

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